Shop 1, 102 Moore Street (cnr Northumberland St),
Liverpool NSW 2170
(02) 9821 1047

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The Gards Story

Gards has been established since 1959 - the first Pawnbroker in Liverpool and, in fact, one of, if not, the oldest in Sydney’s west. We have changed with Liverpool but never moving very far from the top end of town.

Gards was once described as the ”people’s bank of Liverpool”. Others have come and gone, some have stayed, others make claims of 100 years, but none can say Established 1957 in Liverpool.

Gards was one of the founding and current members of the NSW Pawnbrokers Association. Pawnbrokers have always been your friendly local lenders, somewhere to have a chat, somewhere to borrow without the hassles. Gards is an old fashioned pawnbroker and doesn’t have a huge retail space to fill, because we do not want your much loved possessions or family Jewellery just because Gold prices are at record highs. At Gards we are happy to give a little extra time to our regular and long time customers, just to help you over bumps.

Pawnbrokers have always traded in precious metals – Platinum, Gold and Silver and are licensed to trade in these goods. We are happy to test, weigh and explain the process, in privacy if you wish. We pay a fair daily price without intimidation to sell.

With Gold at record high prices there are many new players on the block paying high rents in the big centres and a fortune on advertising. Come and see us last, we will always beat or match any Licensed trader.

Gards advice to you is DO NOT SELL your GOLD. We normally loan just as much and you can use it over and over as collateral for future loans.

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